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The Avalon RF warranty covers mechanical and electrical defects for any of the components of your Avalon RF equipment. Avalon RF will repair or replace any defective part or parts, at our cost during the warranty period.

Cost is defined as the cost of the component(s) plus our time to install and test the replacement part and restore system to normal working order.

Warranty covers parts and labor. The warranty period is assumed to be (one) calendar year from date of purchase unless otherwise specified on the invoice.

The warranty does not cover failure due to acts of God, failure caused by power outages, by the power company, or failure caused by third party components. This includes, but is not limited to, earthquakes, flood, electrical storms, power or transformer failure and other unforeseeable natural acts.

Warranty in addition does not cover any customer equipment sent to Avalon RF which are non-Avalon RF units where damage is purportedly caused by Avalon RF units operation. Warranty does not cover damage to connectors or switches through heavy handed use or general abuse and or damage to the display or any general abuse or environmental exposure to water unless approved as water proof.

All items to be returned need a RMA number issued by Avalon RF.