Best UAV Video Transmitter

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Video Transmitters and Receivers:

While most people confuse them with toys, investing in a high-quality UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) can have great rewards. Devices such as drones or quadcopters can be very essential in increasing production quality to a film project. Also, you can use it to get the world’s unique view for your blog.

That said, if you don’t fix a quality video camera on your uav device, all your hard work could turn out to be a disappointment. Thankfully, there are several high quality video transmitters (VTx) you can choose from in order to get quality videos to your ground station. Let’s start by looking at the most important features you should consider while purchasing one:

• Power output – Generally, the more the power the more the range. You can choose between 25MW, 200 MW or 600MW transmitters.
• Wireless band – You can choose between 5.8GHz, 2.4 GHz and 1.3 GHz to legally transmit video over. However, it’s advisable you go for the 5.8 GHz band to get higher signal quality transmissions on higher frequencies.
• Channel support.
• Compatibility.
• Channel switching mechanism.
• Voltage tolerance.
• Enclosure – Go for one with aluminum or plastic enclosure.
• Internal microphone – To better identify the attitude and power level of your quad.
• Antenna connector.
• Size and weight.
With those important features in mind, here are the best uav video transmitters your money can buy.

1. ImmersonRC Tramp:

This is arguably the best UAV video transmitter on the VTx market. it’s the most advanced and affordable on this list. In fact, It comes with quality signals, great form factor and the battery power can be powered off. Also, its programmed with a unique wireless wand enabling it to assign all 40 standard VTx channels quickly and is factory calibrated ensuring precise power output.

2. TBS Unify V3

This amazing video transmitter comes with a little bit of a price tag. However, it’s really worth every penny due to the quality signal that delivers crisp video. It also has 2 versions; the Race version which only operates Pit Mode (25MW and 200MW) and the HV which can go as much as 800MW.
Being the pioneer of SmartAudio technology, with Unify you can also directly alter VTx settings via OSD or transmitter. Additionally, you can securely mount the U.FL pigtail on a frame or totally remove it and attach an antenna directly to the U.FL thus, reducing weight.

3. AKK X2 Ultimate

Finally, if you’re on a budget and looking for a hybrid of both Unify and Trump, AKK X2 has you sorted. Instead of using U.FL connector, it uses the MMCX connector and supports a variety of power output range. The MMCX connector is more secure than the U.FL connector and can easily be snapped in and out. You can also use either the pigtail or lightweight antenna directly.

4. Eachine TX526

This is also one of the least expensive in the list and is very versatile. It comes with a range of switchable power options, all standard 40 channels and an in-built microphone for audio. However, it’s important to note that Eachine TX52X6 comes with the RP-SMA antenna connector.

5. Foxeer TM25 Switcher

Coming with a pigtail, this VTx is very easy to operate than its competitors and has filtered power out. It has the capability to switch from 25-200-600MW, thus making it favorable in many scenarios. Also, the big LED screen and the good sized button make it easier to navigate menus. It’s also the largest VTx on this list. However, apart from being cheap, its pigtail has questionable connection.

Summing Up:

All the 5 UAV video transmitters mentioned in this list are great. However, your favorite brand, size and budget should play a big role when choosing your next VTx. If you like to go for brands then the Unify and Tramp will have you sorted, but if you’re on a budget and still looking for quality, the AKK X2 is available for you.