Best Long Range Wireless Microphone

The Top Microphones with Long-Range Wireless Capabilities:


If you’re a keen observer of electronic technology, you’ve probably noticed that most gadgets are going wireless. From desktop keyboards and mouse to wireless speakers and microphones wireless technology is definitely one for the future.

In this post we will solely focus on wireless microphones. While the market is filled with an array of options, choosing the best type of wireless microphone for your requirements can be a daunting task. You can usually get one for cheap when you factor in a mail-in rebate as well.

Before we get into the various options, you should know that a wireless microphone has two components, mainly:

• The transmitter; for converting audio signal into radio signal before sending it to the transmitter.
• The receiver; for converting radio signal into audio signal before sending them to the attached sound system.

That said, here are the best long range wireless microphones that can suit your needs.

1. GONSIN TL-4200

This …

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