Best UAV Video Transmitter

Unmanned Aerial Vehicle Video Transmitters and Receivers:

While most people confuse them with toys, investing in a high-quality UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) can have great rewards. Devices such as drones or quadcopters can be very essential in increasing production quality to a film project. Also, you can use it to get the world’s unique view for your blog.

That said, if you don’t fix a quality video camera on your uav device, all your hard work could turn out to be a disappointment. Thankfully, there are several high quality video transmitters (VTx) you can choose from in order to get quality videos to your ground station. Let’s start by looking at the most important features you should consider while purchasing one:

• Power output – Generally, the more the power the more the range. You can choose between 25MW, 200 MW or 600MW transmitters.
• Wireless band – You can choose between 5.8GHz, 2.4 GHz and 1.3 GHz to legally transmit video over. However, …

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