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HD COFDM Wireless System

Avalon RF is proud to offer the HD solution that is ideal for diverse applications. From Broadcast events to UAV applications, the HDX-HTX solution offers a very low latency of less than 2 frames (glass-glass) at a reasonable price. The system uses H.264 with advanced CABAC implementation and QPSK mode of the COFDM transmission for longer range and robustness in high mobility or blocked/partial Line-of-Sight situations.

The systems are available in L, S and C bands for licensed and license-free applications. There are various options available for the transmitter and receiver to cater to a wide range of users. Rack mounting, Anton-Bauer mount, V-mount, internal or external BDC's (Block Down-Converters), Streaming are some of the notable options available. Please refer to the brochures or call sales for more information.
A wide range of accessories including amplifiers and flexible antennas are available to complement the units for an optimal solution.

HD Transmitters HTX527, HTX627, HTX720

HD Receivers HDX502, HDX602, HDX702