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Diversity Receivers / Ground Stations

Diversity Receivers

At Avalon, we believe that the benefits of diversity outweigh the cost implications. The DX family of diversity offers the best signal reception from the analog FM real time video transmission method. The diversity mechanism is not just switching antennas but video diversity over spatial diversity.

The DX series can also be used for zone expansion where wireless reception would otherwise be impossible.

Base Band UHF 900 MHz 2.4 GHz
Two Antenna Diversity Receivers DX002 DX402 DX502 DX602
Four Antenna Diversity Receivers DX004 DX404 DX504 DX604
Two Antenna Diversity Receivers with Data Mod - - - - DX502 UAV DX602 UAV
Four Antenna Diversity Receivers with Data Mod - - - - DX504 UAV DX604 UAV
L-band 1.7-1.85 GHz S-Band 2.3-2.5 GHz
Short Range Ground Station GS-L-13 GS-S-15
Long Range Ground Station GS-L-18 GS-S-20