The Best Long-Range Wireless CCTV Transmitter

Which CCTV Transmitter Tops Our List?

When people think of CCTV, people think of British surveillance measures. As a result, it’s pretty difficult to find them for a decent price. Although there are some cool ways to save on electronics in the United Kingdom, buying from British markets can be pricey. In the present market, it is difficult to find a quality long range wireless CCTV transmitter. A wireless CCTV receive the signal from the CCTV camera and converts it into video form. Below are some of the features you need to look for before buying a wireless CCTV transmitter.

What to look for in a wireless CCTV transmitter.

1. Wireless capability.

You should consider the wireless capability of your wireless CCTV transmitter. You should consider the range over which it can send wireless signals. The range is often reduced by obstacles so you should carefully consider the obstacles in the area you set up your camera and transmitter. If there are many obstacles, you need a transmitter with greater strength and range.

2. Compatibility with a high gain antenna.

Sometimes you might need to increase your signal strength using an antenna. This situation mainly comes up where there are many obstacles that interfere with signal strength. If this is the case, you need a wireless transmitter that is compatible with an antenna. Even if you don’t think you will need an antenna, it’s better to lean on the safe side and buy a transmitter that is antenna compatible.

3. Weather resistance.

You might need to set your wireless CCTV transmitter outdoors. This means that the wireless transmitter must be resistant to the weather. The main threat to outdoor installation is rain and snow. Therefore, you need to get a transmitter that is both water and snow resistant.

4. Security and Interference.

You have to ensure that your wireless transmitter is free from any kind of interference. Your transmitter should be resistant from hackers who might want to gain access to your security feed. In addition, your transmitter should be able to transmit properly without interference from other wireless signals. Low-quality transmitters transmit signals that cause picture breakdown when they come into contact with other wireless signals.

Gamut 2.4GHz Waterproof Digital Wireless AV CCTV Transmitter.

This wireless transmitter ticks all the boxes listed above.

It is capable of transmitting wireless signals across large distances. The manufacturers provide that it will send both audio and video signals across a direct distance of 100 meters. This is very impressive. However, this distance does not take obstacles into consideration.

This is where the device’s antenna compatibility comes in. The device is compatible with either a 7dB or 10dB antenna. An antenna will facilitate transmission over an area with obstacles.

The signal from this device is strong and secure. This ensures that nobody can hack your signal. In addition, it ensures that the signal is not affected by other wireless signals that might be in the area.

This device will continue transmitting even when the weather is at its worst. The outer casing is waterproof. This ensures that you will enjoy high-quality transmission at any time or season of the year.

The device above is the best long range wireless CCTV transmitter that you’ll find in the market. The manufacturers have been able to combine all the features of an exceptional wireless transmitter into one device. All other devices lack the combination of all the elements that make a great wireless CCTV transmitter.