Coupon Codes For The Best Secure VPN Chrome Extensions

5 High-Performing VPN Proxy Extensions for Google Chrome

A virtual private network (VPN) tunnel for your Android smartphone or tablet can unblock fire-walled and restricted websites and applications, as well as hide your IP address. More so, it enables you to browse the web more securely, which comes handy when you have to resort to a public Wi-Fi hotspot to gain access to the internet. So, boost the capabilities of your Google Chrome browser by outfitting it with a VPN proxy extension that remains a click or two away whenever you need it. These five VPN tunnel extensions can all be downloaded safely and for free from the Chrome Web Store.

Coupon Codes For VPN Networks:

Of course these virtual private networks usually charge for unlimited features like video streaming, unlimited locations, etc. While there are some free features, the most effective ones you’ll have to pay for. Luckily, they offer some pretty aggressive promotions for new customers. For example, we found some promo codes for NordVPN that gave you a 70% discount on the 3-year plan.



This lightweight and immensely popular Chrome extension opens up the internet for you, while keeping your browsing habits away from prying eyes. TunnelBear VPN offers private network connections to up to 20 countries, as well as effectively minimizes the disconcerting ways with which website owners track the activities of their visitors.

2. DotVPN

The free DotVPN browser extension for Chrome gives you access to 80 percent of the features in its paid version, as well as unlimited bandwidth to over ten virtual locations. Thus, if some web contents are inaccessible to one virtual location, you can easily switch to another. The ad-free DotVPN remains one of the top choices for a VPN proxy extension among Google Chrome users because of its integration with TOR (enabling you to access .onion content within Chrome) and its 4096-bit encryption, which is more superior than prevailing banking standards.

3. Hola!

Like DotVPN and TunnelBear VPN, Hola! is a hugely popular VPN proxy extension for the Google Chrome browser. Ad-free and available for free from the Chrome Web Store, this VPN proxy service enables you to maintain anonymity when browsing the Web, as well as surf websites and stream multimedia files otherwise barred for access or met with moderate restrictions in your country or place of business.

4. Windscribe

This amazing VPN/proxy extension for Chrome lets you get around government and corporate firewalls, as well as block ads and tracking elements put in by advertisers and website owners. It also enables you to share secure links with other people. Windscribe’s free edition allows 10GB of data usage per month.

5. Betternet

Betternet’s free and unlimited VPN proxy extension for Google Chrome is a one-tap, no-nonsense solution that requires no logging in or registration from its users. Additionally, it contains no in-app ads, works relatively fast, and comes with a simple, intuitive interface.

Getting past geographic restrictions and firewalls while safeguarding your location and identity online can happen in a single click. All it takes is having a virtual private network extension that works for your favored browser.