Best COFDM Digital Video Transmitter

What is a COFDM Digital Video Transmitter?

So you’re making yourself a tasty cup of joe in the morning, and then some weird questions start to enter your mind.

I bet you’re asking yourself, what is a COFDM digital video transmitter?

Well, look no further as this is the place for you to find out! In the following article, we will explain what it is, what it does and how it can help you.

There are many options available on the market, and for this reason this article will also go through some reviews of several competing transmitters, just so you have the best and clearest idea on which option to choose.

Choosing The Best Transmitter For Your Needs:

Finding the best COFDM digital-video radio-transmitter is no easy thing, and research is critical in making such a big (and expensive) decision, luckily, we have done all of the research for you, so that you don’t have to!

COFM stands for Coded-Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing and it is a form of modulation. COFDM is able to handle top levels of multipath propagation, with delays in between the signals that are received.

Now, a digital video transmitter is a device that allows video and audio to be sent between devices wirelessly from any analogue source.

This is particularly popular for military uses as communication in remote and extreme places in vital. Some of the most popular uses for this a digital video transmitter is security cameras, but these devices can also send audio and video wirelessly from TV’s camcorders, and other receivers using a composite video out.

Reviewing Some Top Picks:

Avalon RF-OTX527

avalon rf - digital video transmitter

Probably one of the more popular choices on this list, the Avalon RF-0TX527 is considered one of the most premium and up to date transmitters on the market. For your money, you receive the following highlights from this product.

It has an in-built QPSK modulation system, and a design making it lighter than the competition and smaller in size. At 6.5W DC, it does not use much power to operate at. The Avalon RF uses a 16-channel digital video transmitter based on Coded-Orthogonal Frequency-Division Multiplexing (COFDM).

The transmitter allows you to modify the system and settings for the 16 channels through a PC GUI It has 2 audio (stereo) as well as 1 video and data channels with transmission rate of 19.2Kbps. The Avalon uses a standard frequency between 1.6 to 1.9 GHz and operates at any 300MHz frequencies in the L band.

Microlite-2 Transmitter:

This piece of equipment is very new and also very popular, The MicroLite-2 COFDM wireless-video transmitter is specifically designed to capture the mainstream market, using real-time and high-quality video transmitters.

The microlite can be used for entertainment applications, electronic news gathering and sports. Additionally, the transmitter comes with HD/SD-SDI as well as HDMI inputs complete with COFDM-transmission in a small and lightweight body, making it very transportable. Even though it is small, it still packs a punch, delivery over 200mW of power, making this transmitter very reliable over long range. Where broadcasts range meets reliability and quality, this is what you get when you purchase the MICROLITE 2 COFDM.

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The MicroLite 2 can be operated by the in-built Wi-Fi server. A mobile phone, be it either Android or Iphone and Ipad device, will recognize the MicroLite-2, after which it will automatically open up the control browser.

There you have it; our two favourite COFDM Transmitters on the market at the moment. There of course are plenty of other available, but these two are the best for us.

We hope this article has been interesting and helpful for you, have fun choosing your next transmitter!

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